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Comiket Fun

LOTS of fun was to be had at this weekend's Comiket, and the crazy dinner afterwards! Every party should have a Lady Gaga-appreciating pianist on hand, to facilitate PIZZA DANCING!

Ahem. Anyhooo....

Here's some cool stuff that we got for the Whores of Mensa Library.

FIRST! Have you read Gill Hatcher's Team Girl Comics? Based in Scotland, these young cartoonists are all women, and they are all pretty rad. Check them out online at http://teamgirlcomic.tumblr.com/

Second, if you don't know about Blank Slate Books...well, catch up, will you? These UK publishers are getting people like Mawil, Darryl Cunningham and Oliver East the attention they deserve, and their new book, Sleepyheads, is by Flemish artist Randall C. Find out more on the Blank Slate website.

Third, you need more appalling nonsense in your life. Conveniently, Gareth Brookes' new mini, Sherlock Holmes vs. Skeletor, supplies all you could possibly want. These arch-enemies play pranks on each other that do credit to no one except, well, Gareth. And did we mention that the cover contains hand-applied stenciling, great typography, and a mushroom cloud?

Nextly, newly minted Londoner John Cei Douglas didn't have a table, but he handed us a lovely duotone print of a comic he recently completed for Leicestershire Mind, a great mental health charity. It's also included in the newest Solipsistic Pop, debuting at the Black Heart in Camden THIS FRIDAY 12th NOVEMBER (just, you know...fyi.)

We met Kripa Joshi when Ellen spoke at Laydeez Do Comics. This SVA MFA grad is just...well...we're in love with her full-colour, bubbly, fanciful comics. Pick up Miss Moti, Kripa's amazing ongoing series, from her Etsy.

And what a surprise! Jeremy had a new mini for the festival, collecting her weekly comics (which you really should be reading!) You can get copies of Please Send Help, or catch up on Jeremy's latest weekly offering, from her website.

Many thanks to Peter Stanbury for organizing a great day. So many comics to read!

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